Thursday, September 30, 2004

F**kin' Funny

These made me piss my sides laughing!

Monday, September 27, 2004

Well Fuck Me!!!

All you ever wanted to know about the 'F' word.

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

I'm Back!

Sorry this is taking so long (now where have you heard that one before?!?)

I realise that I'm still about three weeks behind, but I got to catch up with it 'coz if I don't some of the now things I'm gonna end up writing about will make absolutely no sense. It doesn't help that everything is being dated in the past. There are also something that I got to put down in here before I burst, but I'm not sure whether I'm allowed to mention them just yet. Sorry to seem cryptic about this one but life here is interesting and fun, but there's a substantial amount of shite to deal with.

Also, I'm missing out on what everyone else has been up to. God I got a lot of reading to catch up on...

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

It's In My Head

I long to be connected,
I long to be affected.
The bright lights beckon me,
Beckon me to you.

I like it when we go to extremes,
I like it when we enter my dreams.
I like it when I feel your touch.
I like it... I like it so much.
I like it when we're one on one,
I like it when we come undone.
I like it when we go to extremes,
You let me, let me live my dreams
I like it so much.

[Narcotic Thrust - I Like It]

Sunday Pt. II

Sunday afternoon in the village was quite relaxed, well, it was for us. Went into Bar Below, somewhere I'd not been in ages. It was quiet and so quite nice. We sat around a table drinking bottles of Bud and generally chewing the fat over people we knew. Chrissy was sat on one side of me, Michael on the other. Chrissy was getting quite clingy with me, not in a sexual manner but as a close friend.

The conversation turned to sex. Unsurprisingly! And Chrissy kept going on about needing to be fucked rotten. So, on the fly, John and Michael hatched a plan. He he he. 'We're only staying out for a few drinks, then we're gonna go back and I'm going to start cooking tea', began John, 'Then I'm going to go through you, then Michael,' then Michael chipped in and indicated that I was also going to join in. Chrissy looked at me, 'Really?' he directed at me. 'Yep' I said in a kind of matter-of-fact crossed with 'of course' way. Chrissy seemed quite excited about the whole scene, gushing frequently for the rest of the afternoon, and periodically asking 'So you're all gonna fuck me?'

Before we left Bar Below we were sent on an errand: John wanted Chrissy to get some poppers and Michael wanted me to get him a cock ring as he'd left his at home and felt he was going to need it! We got back, the poppers were opened, handed around and we got a little touchy-feely with our respective partners. We made a move, Bar Risa.

It was fun in Risa. Lots of dancing, lots of drinking, lots of sniffing poppers. Ben and his friend came in at one point. His mate looked a bit sheepishly at me, perhaps a littler embarassed, I don't know. He went as red as a berry when I went over, put my arm over his shoulder, kissed his cheek and whispered 'hi there, big boy!'. Ben just pissed his sides. At one point with the dancing we were all in front of each other: me at the front, Chrissy behind me, Michael behind him and John joined at the back. There was a lot of bumping and grinding going on. Know I got touched up by Chrissy and with what I could feel rubbing against my arse, he liked what he was feeling. John was also able to cop a feel in the confusion by reaching between everyones legs. Though he said that he didn't know who he was touching. Fortunately, I'm not precious like that!

John and Michael went to get more drinks leaving me and Chrissy dancing. I'd taken my top off and Chrissy had unbuttoned his shirt. Chrissy commented that he hated his body and wanted one like mine. So I told him that there was nothing wrong with his body, it is a nice body. Then this bloke, Jeff from Cardiff came over. I'd spotted him with the rest of his mates when they came in. Looked like they'd all had a major party sesh last night - they were all wasted! Jeff started doing the rounds. I think he'd been on pills last night, was still horny and looking for a quick bit of action. He was playing 'sober sister' that day as he was driving them all back. Me and Chrissy separated while I had some more drink and that's when Jeff started to pester Chrissy.

Chrissy came back across, 'help me!!' he whispered. So I started dancing and flirting with Chrissy. Jeff tried dancing at the side of us. I already knew that Chrissy's nipples were sensitive so I uncovered one and began to tease it with my tongue. I finished, Chrissy liked it, but Jeff thought that it was now his turn. I just took the side of the shirt and placed it back over the nipple, a second or so later Chrissy began dancing again. Think he got the message that Chrissy was out of bounds. He went back to his mates.

Then I sat down to get a breather. Slurp of drink, smoke, snog off Michael. Still sat there. Jeff comes over again and sits next to me. Got to admire him for persistence! We got talking, properly, or as properly as the come down from his drugs would allow. To be honest he seemed a really nice guy, though physically he was too broad and hairy for me. He was bragging about how big his dick was so I went to have a grope, he did invite it. Hmm. Not bad, it was hard. Then he took it that he had an invitation to play with mine. He kinda gasped, and I was soft. I tried to make it clear that he didn't stand a chance with either of us (me and Chrissy). He thought we were boyfriends so I corrected him and told him that I was single. He asked me what I was doing later. So I told him. He was a bit shocked and appeared to want to get in on the action. So I told him that I don't have sex with people unless I know them pretty well. 'Who said anything about sex?' he questioned. I grinned back at him, and said, 'your eyes!' Rumbled!!! He disappeared shortly afterwards. None of us noticed where he'd gone.

I was quite proud of myself for getting rid of Jeff. Michael said that he was glad I'd done it as he was starting to piss him off. He'd made Chrissy uncomfortable and John was not happy with they way he was hanging around him. Then the music stopped. 'Can we have yer out, phurlease!!' It seems that Risa had to undergo a transformation for a club night that night. Everyone had to get out. So from there...

I can't remember what the time was but we were in the Union, up at the top end sat around a table. Ben and his friend joined us. Both Ben and his friend still looked a bit sheepish. Can't think why, it's not as if we'd done anything wrong. But it could have been the amount of alcohol that they'd already supped that day, of course. John had already been informed about last nights antics. We were all having a laugh and really enjoying ourselves. Everyone was happy. Then it happened. A friend of Johns, and someone that Ben knows came over and started mouthing off about Chrissy. Some of the things that were said were pretty hurtful, whether they were true or not. Along the lines of Chrissy being a slag and only with John for his money not love. John went over to sit with this friend at another table so the rest of us could get on with enjoying ourselves. Then John suddenly stood up and returned. Their conversation turned into a slanging match across half the pup. I was sat next to Michael but facing him, the conversation was going through our line of sight and I could see that Michael was getting wound up because someone was attacking his mate.

'Will you go to the bar for me hon?' Michael asked me.
'Sure. What do you want?' I replied.

Michael told me what he wanted and I knew there was a reason why I shouldn't have got it but I couldn't remember. I returned with the drink and saw the expression on his face. Michael was all ready to step in and clean this guy who was verbally attacking John. Then I remembered about the drink, the drink that enables him to fight without caring. I just leant over a bit, put my hand on his knee and gently said 'Michael, no'. He grinned. He realised I'd just worked out what he was planning. Later on he thanked me, and said that after I'd said that in the way I said it that he couldn't do anything. Or at least if he did, he'd make sure I was out of the way or didn't see it.

Michael, who didn't know this bloke, had finally had enough of this situation. I wasn't going to allow him to hit him so he had to speak instead. 'Look, you're making a fool of yourself. Why don't you just go away. John doesn't want to know you, Chrissy doesn't want to know you and you're making your other friends feel uncomfortable. Do yourself a favour and fuck off, will you?' It worked. Chrissy seemed upset that he'd caused John to lose a friend, but John said that he didn't need friends like that.

I got a text message from Mart saying that they were on a bus back to Manchester. He'd been up to see his Mum with boyf. I replied and said that I was in The Union and did they fancy having a quick one (drink) before they went home. The response was that they might but they were tired and wanted to get home.

Ben and his friend left. We returned to our previous conversation, but added in that we were also going to tie Chrissy down and gag him. The kink of this was starting to get to me. I'd never been involved in anything like that before, but my mind was warming to the idea.

Then out of the blue Mart and boyf turned up. They were soaked to the skin. It was pissing down outside. I was so pleased to see them and Michael grinned widely. He knows that they're special to me. They came over and perched between me and Michael. Michael started terrorizing them both. Chrissy suddenly remembered who they were and started going on about how fit Mart was and how he wanted to fuck him. boyf, apparently, was ugly!

We must all have been pretty drunk because it was about 10pm when we went to get a taxi back. This quiet afternoon drink had turned into an evening affair. Well, these things happen. Mart and boyf were going to have one more drink and then go home (they actually ended up rat-arsed in Essential). We had to con a local off license to sell us some alcohol on the way back, only because it was late. It was fortunate that the lady running the shop knew John.

Back at the flat, drinks were poured and the meal was started. I found it interesting that John cooks in the same way as me - by setting the alarm on his mobile. My excuse is my rhinitis (and my dizzy head), think John's was because he was drunk and he'd forget otherwise.

Drinking our drinks Michael and I were on the floor. Michael slowly stripped me out of my clothes and John and Chrissy also started to remove clothing. Chrissy is really self-conscious, he put on his dressing gown while the rest of us ended up naked. Me and Michael started kissing and cuddling in front of the fire. It was nice and I was really getting turned on by it, but I knew I had to restrain myself or I'd just want to fuck and not eat. John and Chrissy have seen me and Michael go at it before and we know it turns them both on, but the food was important as none of us had eaten since breakfast.

There was a bit of a problem with tea, the meat wasn't done so it was going to be a bit longer than planned. No problem, we kept talking and drinking, with Michael and I stroking each others bodies. Eventually tea was ready, dished up and brought in. We were all starving and ate hungrilly. While we were eating Chrissy's phone went, he ended up having a real slanging match with the other party. Chrissy was never the same afterwards. We finished the meal but there was an air of tension, it was heavy and unpleasant.

It kicked off big time between John and Chrissy. Michael and I just stayed where we were on the floor. They went into the bedroom and we tried to ignore the shouts and screams. They weren't sexual, and it was hard work. I think Michael could see the confusion on my face and the worry about what was taking place. He tried to reassure me in the best way possible (holding me and trying to distract me). Then after a loud crash from the bedroom John re-emerged and slumped on the sofa with his head in his hands. Chrissy came in like a whirling dervish moments later. I couldn't keep pace with the conversation they were screaming. They disappeared again, more banging, more shouting.

Michael asked me whether I wanted to stay here or go back to mine. Despite the alcohol we'd drunk during the day - and the two or three large measures I'd had while we'd been back - I felt completely sober. Maybe part of my maternal defence mechanism. I got the impression that Michael didn't feel comfortable, a first, and I was unsure about being there even though I didn't want to leave them like this. We put our clothes on and put what we had back in our bags - there was clothes and bits and pieces all over the place. It then became clear that John had had enough of Chrissy and wanted him out. The only way that was going to happen was to get the Police involved. John asked Michael to ring the police.

John was distraught. I sat beside him on the sofa with my arm around him, trying to console and calm him down while Michael tried to get Chrissy organised. They were in the bedroom, there was a loud bang but I really didn't want to think about what I'd heard. John started crying. He really did love Chrissy, but this time it was too much.

This was a harrowing experience and not one that I can completely write about. The Police arrived and carted Chrissy off, especially after he hit one of the officers (oops! not a wise thing to do). I got told that if it hadn't been for me trying to calm John down then Chrissy would have been over the balcony. When it had all calmed down we all had a brew, Michael and I tried to clean as much of the devastation away as possible - there were a number of breakages and a lot of mess around. Then Michael came up to me and gave me a big hug. I did the same. I was glad he was there. I'd picked up on the amount of pain in the air and it was making me feel upset. The hug let me know that it was over, I could relax.

We put John in bed. It was about 3am now, and John was supposed to be in work in about four hours. He couldn't miss work even though it was a bank holiday. Michael and I went to bed. We were both very tired but both wanted to have sex. On my back with my legs in the air he pounded my hole for a good half hour. I was too knackered to cum but I wanted Michael to. He took his dick out of me and sat between my legs. I fondled his balls and his nipples while he wanked. He shot his load all over my body. We cleaned up, went to sleep and cuddled. I think we both needed that cuddle that night.

Sunday Pt. I

When we'd gone to sleep last night Ben went into the bedroom to sleep with James. That left Michael, myself and Ben's friend to fend for ourselves in the living room. We'd pulled the cushions off the couch and laid them on the floor. No covers so the three of us slept naked on the cushions with me cuddling up to Michael for warmth. I was in the middle but wasn't expecting any further sex that night.

I came to about 6 in the morning. Michael disturbed me by returning from the loo. He'd spent the previous few hours curled up on couch with a coat over him. I didn't even know he'd moved, no wonder I got cold! Michael told me later that as he approached me I saw his cock - it was erect - and my eyes lit up and widened. Without meaning to blow his trumpet for him (he he he!) he is very well endowed, he'd also dropped 1 1/2 viagra the previous evening. At this point he had a headache from yesterday's alcohol and every beat of his heart was making his dick throb and his head bang. Sex was the last thing he was thinking about at that time. Knowing also that that amount of Viagra also gives him at least an extra 1 1/2 inches in length (and makes it as hard as an iron rod) it would have been painful to even attempt to get that inside me. The cushions I was on may have been red, but blood would have left a seriously noticable stain. Michael settled down, back on the couch, I got up to go to the loo while I was conscious and came back with a jumper to cover me and went back to sleep.

A few hours later all three of us woke up and decided that it was probably time to get up. Looking at the clock it was 8am or there abouts. Ben's friend put the kettle on, I tried to put the couch back together and Michael attempted tidying the living room. For four horny and pissed up gay men we didn't actually make that much mess which was a surprise. Michael and I were hoping that Ben and James would make an appearance before we left, but they didn't. Think we saw Ben briefly in transit to the toilet.

We drank our brews, finished getting dressed, and sat and chatted for a while before Michael rang John to let him know what we were doing and to plan the day. Most importantly, I had to get home to feed the cat and change my contact lenses. I'm not supposed to sleep in them, but, well, shit happens! So the game plan was to get a taxi home, pick up the car, sort the home stuff out, pack a bag, get some breakfast things and go to John and Chrissy's.

For 9am on a Sunday it was bitter out. Yes there was sun, but this early in the morning there was also some wind. I was still in yesterdays outfit: my jeans and white sleeveless top. As we walked to Piccadilly Station to get a taxi I was amazed by two things: 1 the number of people who were awake and moving around (didn't seem like Mardi Gras goers), and 2 the number of unmistakeable 'last night's shag going home'ers (of which Michael and I were included). As we passed a road tunnel under the station we could hear the sounds of a nightclub still in full force. I mean, the music was banging. Michael looked at me, and I at him, and we both decided that if we'd have had chemicals the night before we might have considered it. For now, all we wanted was to get warm, have another coffee and some breakfast.

We didn't have to wait long for a taxi and Michael realised this time how close I actually live to the city centre. Neither of us realised until we got out at the other end that the taxi was a huge pink thing. 'How apt!' I thought as we went up my drive to the front door. We got in, I put the kettle on and begin sorting myself and the cat out. Michael continued making the coffees and sat down in the living room to wait for me. The later plans for the day were to go out for a few drinks and then go back to John and Chrissy's for something to eat. So I packed a bag with essentials - including a change of lenses.

We spoke about the events last night at Ben and James's. It seems that Michael was quite touched that I tried to get him involved with me while Ben was inside me. I explained that I didn't want to appear rude, Ben had invited us both round for sex and I would have considered it bad manners to have ignored the host - the fact that I love him fucking me is irrelevant, honest. But I also wanted to play with Michael as I'd spent the whole day with him, and he'd been making me feel horny all day as well. Michaels response was that he'd got more than enough pleasure out of seeing me enjoying myself with Ben.

Ouch! I stroked myself down as we were getting ready to leave the house. My right nipple felt in pain. Michael giggled. 'You don't remember?' he started. I didn't. Ben's friend had been tweaking my nipples while I was lying on my back fucking Ben, he'd played with them a little bit too roughly. By the looks, he'd taken the very end of the right nipple and rubbed it between fingernails. Ouch. I'd probably be alright in a few hours. I promised that I'd tell him off next time I saw him.

I locked up the house and we got in the car. The route to John's took us past Asda so we could get some money, some fags, and some breakfast stuff. We pulled up and were informed by some other annoyed customers that it didn't open for another half-hour. Bollocks! Michael went up to the cash machine, I didn't hear him say to move the car closer, and started to send a text message to Mart. After two failed attempts to send the message (I was going to tell him what I'd got up to the night before) I gave up, Michael was coming back to the car. 'You didn't hear, did you?' he said. 'Hear what?' I responded. 'I said why don't you bring the car closer to the machines? That way I wouldn't have to walk back as far!'. 'Oh, sorry.' I was a bit embarassed, 'I didn't hear that bit.' Michael was ok with it and just laughed it off. He knows me well enough to understand that I can be a bit dippy at times. We had a decision to make: did we wait the half hour, or should we head over towards John and Chrissy's? There was, after all, a Sainsbury's over there!

Sainsbury's won. I started the car and we headed off. I sort of knew where the Sainsbury's was, over near Heaton park but Michael was lost. Strange (to him) part of town, no map, and no real sense of where anything was. When we got on the main road Michael was able to give me directions. Now I don't know whether I turned too early or whether Michael was disorientated but we turned right up this road and it seemed to go on for ever. 'Erm, if it was up this road we should have seen it by now.' he said. So we turned around, headed back for the junction with the intention of trying the next one down. Yes, we'd turned too early. Parked up and went inside.

I remembered how I hate supermarkets that I don't know. It is me or do you get to feel comfortable with the layout of certain stores? I know it's a bitch when they move things around, which they do frequently, but you get to find what you want eventually. In a strange store, however, I'm useless, wandering around aimlessly. First stop was the kiosk: we both wanted cigarettes and I needed some credit for my phone. Then we hit the store proper.

Ghost town. Freezing cold ghost town. I followed Michael and the trolley round trying to keep moving to try and keep warm. Looking at the food didn't help, it was making me hungry. As we approached the bread aisle we noticed a few young chickens stacking the shelves. I could tell it was still early for Michael, if he'd have been on form he'd have 'terrorized' them. We both thought they were cute though and giggled evilly as we wandered away. I wanted to go to the pharmacy to get some more moisturiser as mine had been lost somewhere at Marts (still hasn't turned up) and Michael wanted to get some hair conditioner. Then it was off to the tills.

Think there were about 20 till aisles but only about five checkout operators. We wandered past them all, then I understood that the idea was to find the cutest boy. Fortunately for him it was too early in the day for us to wind him up too much - though the flirty looks we gave him must have given the game away. I probably wouldn't have given him the time of day out in town, but here he was the best of the bunch, poor lamb!

From there we went back to John and Chrissy's. Took the shopping in, had a brew, and they began to tell me about them going on the Bomber ride. John said he shit himself while he was on it even though he enjoyed it. Apparently the view, what you could make out of it, was excellent. Chrissy screamed his tits off, got off the ride and promptly threw up! A combination of too much excitement and alcohol.

Michael started doing breakfast while John and I went to get some shopping in. John was going to cook the nights meal for us. As the previous day had ended up being a bit wild today was supposed to be quieter, go out for a few drinks, come back for something to eat and then maybe go for another couple before going to bed. That was the plan. Michael wanted to have a word with Chrissy and that was going to be easier to do with John out of the way. I didn't mind taking John shopping, he's a lovely guy with a huge heart, but not my type at all.

We were out for about an hour and managed to dodge the rain quite successfully. I pitied all the folks who were already out in town. They were going to get piss wet through. When we got back to the flat I went into the kitchen to see Michael, I came behind him, put my arms round his waist and kissed the back of his neck. I realised he was cooking but didn't spot that he was on the phone to one of his friends down south. I turned and looked through the kitchen window. I was so glad I was inside, it looked like it was blowing a gale out there. I helped Michael out by doing toast, sorting out plates and cutlery. We sat down to eat.

After breakfast we managed to get Chrissy to get dressed. He didn't want to go out and had taken his wrist band off. It was hard work convicing Chrissy to come out, that he couldn't stay in the flat all day. However, telling him that we wouldn't stop John if he found another shag for that night kinda spurred him into action. It was a wind up, but it worked. John had no intention of going with anyone else, despite the shit that he's had to endure with Chrissy.

So with everyone ready, we went to get the Metrolink into town.


Saturday was going to be my first proper day of Mardi Gras. I'd already arranged that I'd be spending the Saturday with Michael then the rest of the weekend with who ever happened to be around. I knew that it was unlikely that I'd have chance to get Mart on his own, but then that could wait.

I sent Michael a text, probably about 11am. He was over at John and Chrissy's and they were getting ready to come into town. I still had to go home, get myself tarted up and get into town. So we arranged to meet sometime around 1pm. This should give both of us chance to get sorted, get to town, get tickets exchanged for wrist bands and then locate each other.

Maybe because I wasn't trying to get into the Mardi Gras enclosure from the Piccadilly side, but it didn't take me long to get my wristband. Michael told me later that they had to queue for about 45 minutes. So I'd arrived. It was busy, but not heaving. I sent Michael a text to say I'd arrived and asked him where he was. Think I got impatient and started swearing at my phone waiting for a reply. I got some very strange looks from some scary lesbians. A message came back, they were outside the Union.

It was when I was trundling down Canal Street that I realised just how busy it really was. Think it took about 20 minutes to get there. As I approached I started looking for Michael, I noticed his blond hair stood under a tree near the canal wall. He spotted me and a huge grin spread across his face, I'm sure I started grinning as well. I went over and he went to grab my cap. Yes, he liked what he saw. That made me happy. He had no problems with my hair before, but this was much more to his liking. We hugged and kissed. Then I noticed John. He came over and hugged me. Chrissy was trying to decide whether he wanted to go into the Union or not and was flitting about. Eventually he realised that I was with John and Michael and darted over. I hugged him and gave him a quick kiss. John then went into the Union to see whether there was anywhere to sit. He came back and said there was and so we entered the Union and took over a corner at the top end.

Being honest, I can't remember much of the day. I know that I should have had a major comedown from last night's whizz but I felt fine and was just happy to be with Michael. I told Michael about the whole whizz-thing. He just smiled. We had a few drinks, a lot of chatting, then Chrissy decided he wanted to go on 'the bomber' over on the fun fair. John was not keen. I got persuaded that I wanted to go. Bearing in mind I suffer quite badly with vertigo I knew it wouldn't be a good idea, especially in daylight. So it was agreed that we wouldn't do the ride until it went dark. This didn't really pacify Chrissy, but we were kinda hoping that he might forget about going on it.

My phone started ringing, it was Mart asking where I was. I told him I was in the Union. Mart, Kath and boyf were trying to get into the enclosure. Seems it had got even busier than when John and Chrissy tried to get through. They anticipated that it would take about half an hour for them to reach me. I told them that we weren't planning on going anywhere just yet and that I'd see him soon. Michael asked who I'd been speaking to. He'd wanted to see Mart and he was the only one of my 'family' that he'd not met yet. He was looking forward to it.

I got sent to the bar. I remembered now one thing I hate about Mardi Gras: the bar queues. People buying drink like prohibition is coming in and it taking on average 30 minutes to get served. When I got back, John commented that I'd done well. Chrissy was about to send me to the bar again, until I gave him a stern look that basically said 'fuck off, and go yourself!'

We didn't stay much longer in the Union. Chrissy fancied a change of environment so we decided to go up to Churchills. On the way through the crowd Michael spotted a lad wearing only hotpants stood on stilts. His arse was at just the right height for Michael to bite. Michael is a live-wire at the best of times and so he went darting over. I wanted to look, but didn't want to look. As I turned away I spotted Mart and called to him. He noticed me and came over with boyf and Kath. Then Michael returned with a big grin. He hadn't done what I thought he was going to do, he nearly pulled the back of the pants down to 'see what was inside', but decided against it. I introduced everyone. Then we resumed our trip up to Churchills.

Mart and boyf looked like shit. They were on the comedown from hell and it showed. We got into Churchills and got to the bar. It was there that Chrissy noticed Mart and told me that he thought he was gorgeous. 'Of course he's gorgeous. That's my daughter!' I replied. There was a lot of bumping and grinding at the bar. Not just because the joint was heaving, I think we were all having a go with each other! But we decided that it might be safer to take our drinks outside.

We gathered just outside the side entrance and watched the crowds going by chatting to each other. boyf and Mart weren't really in the mood for much of Michaels antics, he can be a bit much when he's in 'party mode'. Mart humoured him, but I could tell he couldn't see the fun that I saw which was unusual for him. Mart, boyf and Kath decided that they weren't feeling up to spending too much time out and said that they would be going home soon. That was ok, I was beginning to feel the nip in the air and wanted to go inside anyway.

Michael, John, Chrissy and myself went inside and were able to find a table near the window so we could still see them outside. I went to the bar with Michael. Four pints of lager and four double vodkas (with straws) were taken back to the table with instructions that they not be touched until we were all together. The plan was to neck the vodka in one go and then start on the lager. Michael had no problems, John - who can't stand vodka - managed it, so it was only Chrissy and me that were left with the spirits! We looked at each other, got rid of the straws and drank that way. We were going to get rat-arsed by the end of the day!

Our next port of call was Bar Risa, somewhere I've never really been to. All of us apart from John wanted the loo, so we left John at the bar and went. Michael was in the lead and me and Chrissy were just following. He took us into the ladies. He went into one cubicle, I followed, and Chrissy went into the one next door. Chrissy peed and then looked over the partition. I was having difficulty - I always do if I'm stood trying with someone behind me - and it didn't help seeing Chrissy over the wall. Michael had an idea. 'Site down, spread your legs and pull your foreskin back.' I did as I was told, then he pissed on the head of my cock. Wow, what a feeling! It helped me to pee, but it also turned me on as well. I told Michael that I'd never been interested in watersports before, but that maybe it might be worth investigating. He kissed me and giggled his evil giggle. We trouped out to choruses of women screaming that there were men in the ladies loos. Michael just shrugged it off and told them that he thought they were unisex.

John had had a brainwave while we'd been away. He fancied the idea of snorting neat vodka from a bottle cap. So the caps were prepared. I informed Michael that it wouldn't be a good idea for me. I suffer with Rhinitis, so something like that would cause problems with it. After seeing John splutter most of his over Chrissy (who was not impressed!) and the was it sent Michael off his rocker I was glad I didn't partake.

We took our drinks and found a place to begin to enjoy ourselves. We were already very happy, giddy, giggly, but it was John who said 'now what would really work now is a pill!' We all agreed. Michael got me to ring Ben up. James answered and said that Ben was already out. We'll try later.

Later was meeting Ben near the main stage. He was furious because he couldn't get in touch with his dealer. We kept trying all the same. We dragged Ben and a friend of his back to Risa with us. His friend I later remembered was the one who had been out with Ben the first night I slept with him on 'e'.

We ended up dancing in Risa. I'm sure we put on quite a show. Michael went topless, I went topless and we ended up simulating sex on one of the platforms. Actually, being honest, we all probably did a bit of a bump and grind with each other, but it's the one with Michael, obviously, that sticks in my mind. Fueled by vodka, lager and a generous helping of poppers I was getting very very horny.

We got separated from John and Chrissy, not sure what happened. But we decided to go back to the main stage area. James, Ben's other half had been working and so we went to meet him. Ben and James were leant against the fence at the side of the area. It seemed like ages since I'd spoken to James and we were both really please to see each other. James said something that made me laugh and I turned away. As I turned back I heard an enormous crack. I looked back and over at Ben. Ben had his cock out and it was in Michaels mouth. James had slapped him! It was quite funny. Ben just stood there and said 'and I was enjoying that!'

With no pills on the horizon, and James having to do some work ready for the following day, we went out of the main stage area. 'So, we going back to mine for an orgy then?' Ben queried. Looked at Michael, looked at James, looked back at Ben and said 'fine by me.' Michael was interested as he quite fancied a go with James. So it was settled.

When we got to their apartment we all settled in and sat down. Then the clothing came off. It started out with me going down on Ben. I knew Michael was there, and I really wanted Michael's cock, but Ben's was closer (ha! lazy bitch!). Michael started by working on Ben's friend's cock. I was impressed with the size: quite long and very thick. So sexually we were paired up. James just hid in the bedroom doing his work. Pity, really.

Ben went down on me. He knew I'd want fucking and started to open me up with his fingers. I was getting turned on watching Michael and I found out later that watching me being played with was really doing it for him. I started having slutty thoughts, wanting all of them to go through me. Maybe one day! Then Ben and I moved positions so that he could enter me with his cock. Heaven.

Michael was just sat in a chair at this point. Watching the show. Michael knew that the friend's cock was not going to be able to go inside him, and Michael had already brought him close enough to orgasm five times without reward. Ben then decided that he wanted fucking as well. I told his friend to do it 'No no no no! I can't, We're sisters. It's not right.' I looked at Michael, he smiled but declined - he was having too much fun watching. 'So I guess it has to be me, then!' Bearing in mind that it would be the first time I'd fucked anyone in a long time I wasn't hopeful of this working out. So we prepped up. I lay on my back and Ben sat on me. I think I impressed Michael and I know I satisfied Ben. Ben got a new name that night 'Jemima', because he was 'thrashing around like a rag doll'. Ben came all over me and it was good!

I got greedy then. Even though I'd cum I still wanted something inside me. The closest and hardest cock available was Ben's friend. I looked at it. 'Erm, we'll see how we go with this.' I managed to get the head in and that was it. Think I need a lot more work to get that fatty inside of me. We all decided to it was time to sleep.

So I had my first group sex thing with Michael. It was interesting, and fun. It felt strange that I wasn't doing anything to him or him to me. We kept looking at each other to make sure we were both alright. But both of us were content that the other was being satisfied. Still wanted to go to sleep with his cock inside me, though.


When Mart and I wake we're both still a bit hung over from the night before. We really shouldn't drink as much vodka as we do, but we enjoy it. And I know that it makes Mart horny.

We set off on our journey to get some speed for that night. The journey goes via Marts and we agree to take Kath along for the ride.

I'm starting to get excited about the weekend, pissed off that I'm not going to be able to afford the weekend I really wanted, but excited all the same. But there's one thing I need to do before I can really start to enjoy the weekend: meet with Arsehole for a drink. It was a moment of madness when I agreed to it and Mart made me promise not to tell him what was happening later. He wanted the weekend to get off to a good start for us all.

So after doing the driving I dropped them off at Marts and told them that I was going to go home to get what I needed for later that night and to change. I'd bring the car back and then get the bus into town to meet Arsehole. Then when I'd finished with him I'd get the bus back. Sorted.

I'd arranged to meet Arsehole at 5.30 and only planned to spend about an hour with him. We decided to meet in O'Sheas, outside the Village mainly because I couldn't remember what time the barriers were in place and also because it was somewhere different. He was already there when I arrived and he'd got a drink ready for me. As I sat down I knew I wasn't going to enjoy this one. He started talking. His mind was too focussed on himself. I was waiting for him to notice that my cap looked different, but he never did. I wasn't going to reveal my new identity just yet. I got bored of the conversation and was starting to get depressed by it so I told him that I wasn't feeling too good and was planning on going home.

'I'll come with you, if you don't mind.'
'I do mind, actually.' I stated.
'I just want some time on my own, it's my way of dealing with things. I'm feeling a bit low and won't be much company.'
'I'll ring you later'
'Ok, but I won't be answering. Being on my own means not being contactable. You know how I get.'

He seemed a bit disappointed, probably because his depression was telling him that I should drop everything and surrender to his wishes. Fat chance of that. I got persuaded to go for another drink with him, somewhere else, we ended up in the Union.

We were sat in one corner, minding our own business when this man in a suit came over. Not bad looking, but not stunning. The way he was looking at us I though it was one of Pete's recent shags. He let on to Pete and shook his hand, but didn't go away. Then he let on to me, shook my hand, and hovered. Pete and I carried on our conversation. When the suit had gone we both asked whether we knew him. Neither of us did and thought the other one did. We then realised that he was an early-starter looking for trade for over the weekend. Frankly, I don't think either of us were his type! He certainly wasn't mine.

I decided it was time for me to go. It was already close to 7pm and I knew that Mart and Kath would be wondering where I was. I told Arsehole I was going to make a move home. He didn't want me to go and begged me to stay out for another drink. I told him 'no, 'cos one drink will lead to another, and I want to get home and chill out.' He eventually let me go, and I was praying that he wouldn't offer to walk me to the bus stop or taxi rank. Instead he went to get himself another drink as I was leaving. Freedom.

I couldn't get myself across town fast enough. On the bus I sent Mart a text message to let him know I was on my way. I never got a delivery report so I assumed that his new phone was switched off. Mart had been complaining that the battery life on it was crap. I arrived about ten minutes later, said I was going to the loo and to get changed and then I could relax. I did this, went back into Mart's bedroom and was presented with a loaded bong. What a nice way to start the evening! Then it was a glass of wine and a bomb of speed.

Kath wanted to make a cake and put some weed in it for us all. Mart told her that it would be a bit of a waste as none of us would want to eat on the speed. Kath wasn't doing speed, she doesn't smoke, so she enjoys her weed by eating it.

Kyle and Danny arrived about 7.30 armed with cans and Danny brought his digital camera. I didn't see the point of this until later. boyf wasn't due to finish work until 8 so he wouldn't arrive until about 8.30. That gave an hour for us all to relax and chill. During this time Kath started to frighten me a little. I was sat on one of the couches and she cam and sat between my legs. I leant over to pick something up off the floor and gave her a quick friendly peck. Shortly afterwards she got up to move and then kissed me again before she sat down. This was the first of a number of kisses from Kath that night. Mart noticed and was also beginning to get a little worried. Maybe it was all the male hormones in the room and she was feeling frisky - we know she's not had a man for a very long time.

I got a text message from Michael asking whether it was ok for him to crash at mine that night. I had to text back to tell him that I wasn't at home. Felt a bit gutted as I wanted to see Michael that night but I'd already arranged to be with Mart.

boyf arrived home from work on time. I could tell that he'd had a pretty hard day at work. He went to get changed, Mart took him a joint. When he came back he looked better, more relaxed and I could tell that he'd also dropped a bomb. He he he.

The camera came out and Danny started taking all manner of pictures. In one he was lay on the floor and got all of us to 'group hug' over the top of him. It's a good picture even though you can't tell which way is up. There was also a nice one of Kath, Mart and boyf. They'd recently redecorated the living room and were looking for something nice to put on the wall. They decided that because it was such a good picture that that was what they wanted.

With having a decent picture taker in the house, Kath decided she was going to get her photos out. Mart, boyf and I looked at each other and raised our eyes to the ceiling. Shes spent quite a few hours recently just looking through pictures. She began showing them to Danny. 'Can I give you some advice?' Danny asked Kath. Kath agreed. Danny started to go through the pictures. 'That's crap', he said dropping a picture on the floor, 'That's crap', another picture on the floor. 'That's ok.' and he left that one on his lap. This went on for about 50 pictures with about five remaining on his lap. Kyle was trying not to laugh hysterically. The rest of us had given up on trying that. Kath was oblivious to being set up in this way. It was funny to watch because she was taking it seriously.

Come midnight I was sat on the floor with Mart and boyf. The speed was good shit and had really kicked in. None of us were talking, and just nodding to the music. Every so often we'd drop a bomb again. But we always returned to that same position and state. I was starting to get horny. I could feel it creeping up me. I wanted Mart, I wanted boyf, I wanted anything with a pulse. But I knew that the likelyhood of that was remote.

Think it was about 4 in the morning when we all went to bed. I remember now that I have great difficulty sleeping on speed. Usually sex sorts that one out, a bit, but with no sex I drifted in and out of sleep until about 7 in the morning.

In The Beginning

I suppose I could say that my Mardi Gras story began on the Thursday. Previous entries have referred to Manchester Pride, but something I heard one of the acts say over the weekend reminded me that this whole thing began under the name Mardi Gras, Pride just being some marketing gimick, maybe. So I'll refer to the whole event as Mardi Gras.

Basically, the entire day was spent with Mart. The original plan was for Kyle, Mart and myself to go and get speed, weed and pills for the weekend. However, Kyle ended up being 'otherwise engaged' and by the time I arrived at Mart's we felt it was a bit late to go and do the drugs run. Either way, there were other things planned for that day: hair cuts, sunbeds and then going out later on.

So just the two of us went to do the hair and sunbed thing. It was the first time I'd ever been on a sunbed, Mart had done it a few times before and was quite shocked that it would be my first time. He explained to me what the process was and it was decided that I would spend 6 minutes in this upright coffin lined with bright lights. Gotta say that I thought it was good fun. After I got out, I looked at myself in the mirror. Obviously I'd not applied the tanning lotion evenly enough as parts of me looked very patchy when I came out. Mart had decided to spend nine minutes in there and ended up burning his balls, poor thing. Fortunately not badly.

We probably looked a bit like two lobsters walking through Cheetham Hill, but we both thought we looked pretty good. Hot and breathless, maybe, but pretty good all the same. From there we caught a bus into town.

It seemed to take us an age to get into Manchester but eventually we arrived at Thompsons. We got drinks and sat down and planned the following day. Money was going to be a bit of an issue for all of us, which was part of the reason for wanting to do a drugs run. Mardi Gras was to kick off properly sometime on Friday night, but boyf was working until late on Friday, Mart was watching pennies, Kyle would be working until the Monday and I'd foolishly agreed to meet with Arsehole Friday evening. So we arranged to do the drugs run on the Friday morning and then do drinks at Marts in the evening.

Mart rang Kyle to find out where he was. Kyle was in Churchils with boyf, they said they were just finishing a drink and then they'd come over. While we were waiting I was discussing aloud (with Mart) whether I should buy the ticket for Mardi Gras then, or wait until the Friday. He mentioned that Kyle's new fella (never mentioned as I never know when it's serious with him) could get passes sorted out for us. I thought about it, but then thought that for this time I was going to get my own ticket. In some ways, this Mardi Gras marks a another re-invention of myself, or at least the end of a long-brewing transformation.

Shortly afterwards Kyle and boyf arrived. It was good to see them. Kyle was due to meet the new fella, Danny, at 6.30 elsewhere but he was ok for a few drinks 'then we'd all go and meet Danny'. boyf had been at work but had been allowed to finish early, still looked tired though. Mart and I were drinking vodka, Kyle and boyf joined us with it when they arrived. While they were at the bar Mart told me to keep quiet and let them notice what was different about me. Due to the lighting in Thompsons, pretty gloomy, it was easy. Then Kyle popped back and pulled my cap off. Shock hit his face. boyf looked over from the bar and I could see a gasp, think he nearly fainted. The thing is they didn't realise that I was actually going to get my hair cut in the way I ended up with. They've always known me with a fair amount of hair, now it's nearly all gone. They approve, and that's good for me. In fact they say it takes years off me. boyf arrives back from the bar and expresses his shock and pleasure about how good I look, drops off the drinks and then goes to the loo.

Kyle disappears to chat to other people and is milling around. While we're alone, Mart and I are flirting. Something along the lines of 'if he wasn't here what would we be doing?' so I tell him, in quite plain language. It doesn't shock him, I knew he was thinking the same thing! I tell Mart that I need to go to the loo, he decides that he does as well. So up I get and go knowing that Mart is going to follow. I meet Mart in the loo and we end up snogging. I know it's naughty, we both do. He knows I want him but situations meat that isn't possible, and I know it's the same for him. Like little schoolgirls trying to hide the fact we've been smoking in the bushes we do what we need to and return to the table.

Danny arrives. He's given up waiting for Kyle where they were supposed to meet. Mart and Kyle have a disagreement: Kyle blaming Mart for not turning up and Mart saying that just because Kyle says 'jump' this time we're not all going to do so. General chit chat ensues, including me having a rather indepth discussion with boyf about the fact that he doesn't believe that Mart feels for him in the same way as he does for Mart. I try and explain the similarities thing between me and Mart and try and convince him that Mart really does love him. Think I go some way, but possibly not far enough. It's at this point that I realise that boyf is drunk and pissing Mart off. We're all a bit tipsy.

I end up talking with Kyle and Danny while Mart is telling boyf that he's pissed and that it's time for him to go home. Mart intends to stay out. It takes four attempts for boyf to go home. He walks out, walks back in, then out, then in. Danny realises that boyf has left his umbrella, then boyf comes back in to collect it. So then it's just the four of us. Mart makes mention of going to Cruz that night, I tell him that I can't afford that and neither can he if he thinks about it. He goes quiet, he knows I'm right, but he's still thinking about it.

With boyf gone and us not quite knowing how long it will be before he pops back Danny suggests we change venue. We end up in Churchills. We just arrive and sit down when Kyle's ex pops up. We let on to each other but I kinda get a feeling that he's got a problem with me. I don't care, though. He chats with Mart, and Mart jokes that he's going to be his new boyfriend. Kyle is in shock at him turning up and coming over, Danny just sits and drinks with an amused grin on his face.

When it all quietens down, Mart leans forward and says 'and now I can do this.' and proceeds to snog the face off me. I'm surprised by the attack, but I respond in kind. This time both Kyle and Danny's jaws hit the floor. We look over, laugh at them, and then start again. While we're snogging Jeff makes an appearence. He comes over and joins us for a bit. I get the impression that he's after coming home with me. That could be something to do with me snogging him but then it gets better. I end up in a three-way snog with Jeff and Mart. Jeff's starting to get turned on by this, especially when he learns that Mart is likely coming home with me. However, Mart is not so keen for this to be a group affair.

Shortly afterwards Kyle and Danny decide it's time for them to leave as Danny wants something to eat. We bid them farewell and tell them we'll see them on the Friday night.

We finish our drinks and Mart is still determined to get to Cruz. I know he doesn't want to go home to boyf so I tell him that he's more than welcome to come back with me. He thinks, and agrees. We get some chips for him and then get a taxi.

At home there's no alcohol, well, ok, about 1/4 of a bottle of vodka which we share and what's left of a pill after it being through the washing machine. Don't ask about that!. Anyway, we share the pill as well not expecting it to do much. Tee hee hee! about half-hour afterwards, we're snogging and getting cuddly. We've got nice music playing on the stereo. Then the clothes start to come off. I've got a recollection of telling him to take the rest of his clothes off. We're sat next to each other and I bend over and take him in my mouth. He was rock hard before I started and I know he enjoyed me doing it. He attempted to do the same to me, but with the amount of vodka it wasn't working quite the same way. Then we just ended up lying on the couch and cuddling. I had an idea and went to get the quilt from upstairs. We tried it on the couch iwith both of us under the quilt but it wasn't working. So we wemnt upstairs to bed.

I wasn't expecting sex from Mart that night. In fact, out of respect for boyf, if sex happened it would have to be initiated by Mart. So all we did was talk cuddle and ultimately go to sleep. It was still nice. We slept in each others arms.

Oh My!

Phew! What a weekend. All I can say is that I'm knackered and I have to work. It's going to be hard trying to get back into work mode in the middle of the week.

The weekend has been eventful. It's going to take some time but I'll put together the entire story here very very soon. And what a story it is...