Saturday, December 23, 2006

Dick In A Box

You may never be able to take Thrustin Trousersnake seriously ever again!

Friday, December 22, 2006

Oi You!!

Adrian and Liam had just left in a taxi to theirs.

'Oi You!' he cries, fit lad in a blue shirt at the taxi rank. His other two mates had left the rank office and got in the cab.
I acknowledge him.
'So, him you've just bin kissin'. He your boyfriend? You take it up the arse off him?'
I grin. Widely. 'They both me boyfriends. I take it up the arse off both of 'em.'
I know he can't wait too long because of his mates. I'm safe. I've done nothing wrong. Look on his face of utter disbelief.
'You need to get your dick in order!'

Oh, how wrong he is...

Obviously, he can comprehend one man sleeping with another man. Adrian had (possibly) been taunting him and his two mates when we arrived at the taxi rank, Liam wondered how he doesn't get into trouble. But one man sleeping with two other men, and referring to them both as boyfriends was clearly beyond him! Makes you wonder how they can resolve their own lesbian fantasies...

And tonight I meet Liam's li'l bro, Damien. Bless, he's only 19. Taller than Liam, just, but no where near as cute. He's straight too. It's quite sweet to see Liam in 'protective mode'. We'd spoken ages ago about him wanting to have kids of his own, and to an extent he did bring up himself, his younger sister and Damien. Ok, so he's got this boi as his too, but I'm more than just a child in this. One day he will make a good parent, of that I'm so very sure.

Thursday, December 21, 2006


I've noticed something strange about myself over the last week. I'm not sure if it has anything to do with the anti-b's I've been on but its something that's actually starting to irritate the fuck outta me.

My feet are constantly wet and sweaty.

And it's not because of the boots or trainers I wear. I've got a pair of leather slippers which are all open apart from a band going over the foot just behind the toes. My feet even sweat in those!

As a kid I used to have problems with sweaty feet but as I grew up the problem went away. I'm told they really used to stink - of course I've never smelt it. And I can't even tell you if my feet smell now.

I've just had a bath - meeting Liam after work. I'm sat naked from the waist down apart from my slippers. And it's not funny feeling like your feet are in bowls of slimy warm custard. Yeuck!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Clinic Today

Well guess what? Guess who's been given another week's supply of anti-b's? Yup, me!!

Oh yay!

The nose is better a week on. Had a couple of strange reactions to the tablets ranging from serious sneezing bouts, nose bleeds and trapped wind but much less pain.

We didn't do blood samples today. Doctor wants me to have another week on the tablets to make sure I'm clear of this infection, then a week off, then we'll do the samples again. He's pretty confident that its the infection that knocked everything out of order. Of course, we'll know for sure in mid January...

Actually, I think I've done pretty will with taking the tablets and keeping on top of them. I've only got two doses to tag on to the end and the only reason for that was down to sleeping in (very very) late on Sunday.

No One Bad Mouths My Boys!!

Something happened over the weekend. Something that in any other relationship probably could have gotten me into a whole heap of trouble. As it was, in the end, there was nothing to worry about - everything worked out just fine...

We were out. The three of us. Liam had disappeared for a while because he spotted someone he wanted to talk to and Adrian was busy gabbing to someone I didn't know. So I goes to get myself a drink. While I'm waiting to be served this guy begins to hit on me. There was someone else hanging around him - who I assumed to be a boyfriend - so at first I tried not to pay attention. But he still persisted to make eye contact with me and so we ended up talking for a while.

He was quite attractive, nice personality, and I do sometimes have this thing for cute skinheads. This was one of those occasions. I eventually got my drink. Took a swig, placed in back down to pocket my change when i feel this lump pressing between my arse cheeks. My arse was much more noticable that night because I was wearing tight jeans, just for a change. The lump felt nice, and he started to grind it into me. Then he pulled me back towards him and found a place to kiss me that always makes me go weak. So the kissing combined with the rubbing and grinding he had me at his mercy. We started talking again and he compliments me on my arse, telling me that he's really going to enjoy fucking it later. Presumptuous, I thought to myself.

'So you moving on somewhere...?' he asked.
'Don't know what we're doing yet.' I responded. It was true. Wherever I was going to go Liam and Adrian had to know about and I wasn't about to go off with someone else and leave them worrying about what had happened to me.

We spoke a little more. We got the status disclosure things out of the way from the start, found out that we'd both got kids - although his were biological, and also worked out that he was top which meant that he intended to '...lay you down and nail you into the floor all night!'

I giggled at this last one. And kinda hoped that Adrian didn't hear what was going on. He's been in ear shot when people have tried to pick me up before, he usually just smiles. Silly thing is, this guy did actually turn me on. Not in the same way as my boys, but still it was a turn on. I tell him that he is attractive, and that he will fuck me, just maybe not tonight.

'O come on,' he starts, grabbing my wrist, 'lets go somewhere else. Have a dance, then take you home and fuck the arse off you. You'll be walking like John Wayne tomorrow afternoon.'
I conceded. 'Ok, but I need to let people know where I am.'

So I end up trolling round to find Liam. His eyes light up when he sees me and he flings his arms open wide. I explain the situation, he grins, quick kiss then he tells me he'll be along in a bit. Then I go and find Adrian and tell him that I'm being abducted. He's ok with this, smile on his face. Me and this guy move along...

We get into the club, go to the bar although I don't want a drink just yet. He's found that he can pick me up (physically) with a hand in my crotch and a hand on my arse and its while he's doing this that he tells me he's gonna sort out a pill for me. Not so long afterwards we find a quiet dark area and he pops what feels like half a pill in my mouth. I swallow. He swallows his and we kiss deeply.

I get led off to dance with him. At this point I realise that he's had more pills than I have - not that that's any problem - but it kind of put my guard up a little. So I start dancing - feeling a bit conspicuous because the place is fairly quiet in the run up to Christmas. I think he spots my unease and we find somewhere to sit.

We're in another dark corner, him sat in a chair with me sat across him. I can feel his cock bulging underneath me. And I like the feeling. My half pill starts to kick in. We start to snog, and he's touching me up all over. He didn't feel the PA (I'm pretty sure) but he did feel the cock ring I was wearing that night and comments with approval. Somehow we get onto my past in slavery and I also point out to him that the two guys I told where I was going were my boyfriends.

'O I know them pair of wankers!' he starts. 'What you doing with them? Mr and Mr Boring. Why you hanging round their table waiting for scraps to fall off when you can have all of me?'

Up to that point he'd been making all the right moves, saying all the right words and pushing every single button in the right way. Then he continued with more comments. Now I'd already decided to myself that my place that night was at home in the bed of my boyfriends. Call me old fashioned but I can always take a number and arrange a shag for another night. But after his comments about the guys I love with all my heart, well, he just shot himself in the foot good and propper!

I needed to go to the loo. On my way I spied Liam who himself was getting chatted up. 'I need help out of this one honey!' I said grabbing his arm as I passed. To be truthful I'm not sure whether he heard me properly, but I said what I needed to. I went to the loo. I thought about what I'd just done and considered carefully. When I returned to the guy his whole attitude had changed. I think it had sunk into him that I wouldn't be going back with him, even though he did accuse me of saying that I would. I corrected him.

'Look, it's not you. It's the situation, and I'm not used to this.' I said
'O, I know it's not me.' he barked. I felt like calling him a smug bastard but decided better of it.
'Ok, shall I just fuck off then?' I questioned. With no response I simply turned and left.

I knew Liam would still be about, it was just a matter of locating him. Eventually we collided and compared notes. Liam was on his own. 'Well, I fucked that one off.' I began, and then proceeded to tell Liam about him bad mouthing him and Adrian. 'And I'm sorry, you know I love you guys...'
'I've had him!' Liam announced. It didn't come as a suprise actually. 'Want a pill?'

His expression was enough to brush away my upset about the things the guy had said. I'd switched off because I didn't want to entertain the comments.
'That guy I was with, fucked him off too. He was passive. Now if he'd been active...'

We went off to find where Adrian had got to. I knew I could relax and be happy, and forget about that guy once we were all together.

So what, my boys might not be all things to all people. I've never asked them to be like that. I just want them to be themselves. They know I love them so much and I know they love me the same in return. But no one, and I do mean no one, ever talks about them like that to me.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Really Not With It

What can say about today? Can't say I've particularly enjoyed it. My nose is still sore but more bearably. And I'm up to date with the anti-b's. But then it has only been two days. Gotta say I'm not enjoying them. They do make me drowsy. I'd say dizzy and forgetful, but I'm normally like that at the moment! And today I got pains in my stomach. Nothing too bad, but not the kind of thing you want to feel whilst driving.

So tonight I'm at home. Feels so wierd being alone at home on a Friday night. I really can't remember the last time. It's more wierd not having Liam and Adrian around me.

To be honest I'd really rather be on my own. Yea, had a bit of a low one today. I am feeling a bit sorry for myself. Tried to do some christmas shopping but didn't have the inclination for it. Bought a sandwich from Boots in the Trafford Centre and came home! And got stuck in traffic to boot. Actually, no, telling a lie there. I did buy myself a shirt cos it was a tenner. Still aint tried it on. It's age 13-14 so it should just fit.

But here's the real bimbo bit:- I've only just worked out how soon it will be christmas....

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Apples On Trees

Spotted the following this morning in someone's signature. I thought it was sweet and wanted to share...

are like apples
on trees. The best ones
are at the top of the tree.
The boys don't want to reach
for the good ones because they
are afraid of falling and getting hurt
Instead, they get the rotten apples
from the ground that aren't as good,
but easy. So the apples up top think
something wrong with them when in
reality they're amazing. They just
have to wait for the right boy to
come along, the one who's
brave enough to

climb all
the way
to the top
of the tree

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Blood, Snot and Tears

Just woken up after a bit of a doze. Don't know what came over me. Was sat downstairs watching TV when suddenly my phone goes off, I realise I'm lying down and that I've lost an hours and a half.

But the anti-b's will make me feel tired. And that was what I was thinking about before I dozed off. Not that they would make me tired but that I was due for another dose. The Doctor grimaced at me when he told me the dosing schedule for the Erythromycin. He confessed once that he too is bad at taking medication, '...and even the multi-vitamins I promise to take at New Year!' I've already been on a 21-day 4-horse-drops-a-day anti-b course earlier on this year so I know if I put my mind to it I can do it. My mind just isn't wired up for regular routine stuff at that small a frequency.

Bizarre thing was that I got woken up by a text message offering me coke!! I thought about it. But it was a half-hearted thought if you can have one of those. I need to get myself stronger before I should really consider anything recreational!

Add to the fact that I've just sneezed. And it fucking hurt! So I've just blown my nose - because something shifted with the sneeze. That nearly killed me. The eyes did more than water. Then I looked in the handkerchief (as you do). Yuck, blood and snot. Never a thrilling combination, especially when the amount of blood is more than insignificant.

I just hope this shit works!

Erm, Have I Been Forgotten?

Fun and games at Clinic. Didn't get seen by a doctor, as I was hoping for. 'You here for bloods?' the new girl asks me.
'Erm, no. Did those two weeks back. Here for results and to see a doctor.'
I then explained my reasons for needing to see a doctor.

After rummaging through my file she found my CD4 count. To me, its not good: 256. No trace of my viral load. 'I'll go and ring the lab 'cos I can't find it!' She disappears. Returns a few moments later and gives me the figure 6105. I look at her, puzzled.
'You sure that's right? Sounds very low.' I'm still puzzled.
I clarify that I'm not on meds and she goes off to check again, and also to find a doctor to see me. Turns out that she hasn't mis-heard, the 6105 is the real result.

While she was away the mind started churning. Was beginning to think that at least one figure was missing from the VL score. 'Oh god, this is the time.' I began thinking to myself. I get sent back to the waiting area.

And I wait, and I wait, and I wait some more!

Eventually, my doctor comes to get me. I explain that I've still got the rash, feels like its burning and that my nose is bad. He inspects the rash and inside my mouth with a light. Still not sure what it is, but I've got some steroid cream to try on it. After pushing around my nose - the usual 'does this hurt routine' - he thinks that that is sinusitis. So that's pain killers and antibiotics.

I told him that I'd tried decongestant sprays and steaming for my nose. He shook his head, saying that they wont work. Erythromycin in tablet form is also less messy than the saline spray that Mum suggested!

He told me not to be too worried about the scores. The CD4 is likely to be down with you being unwell when the samples were taken. I'd forgotten about that. So I'm back in a week and we'll probably run another set of samples, if I'm better then. And I hope I am.

As for the rest of 'the full works', well, nothing was said so I can only assume that there was nothing to worry about.

Clinic Day, and Stuff

Due at clinic in a hour and a half. Not looking forward to it as usual! Heh heh. To be truthful I've felt a bit ropey over the past few days. Not too sure why. Maybe I havent properly recovered from the 5am start last Thursday. Maybe its the changeable weather. Maybe, I don't know.

For sure, my nose is really sore at the moment. All of it. I wake in the morning and can barely breath. Kinda clears itself a little after I've been upright for a few minutes but its far too painful even to blow! Rhinitis on overload? Could be. So that's one for the Doc this morning.

Was in such a bad and foul mood yesterday as well. If it wasn't the pain from my nose it was my face - the rash is back. I'm making a point of not looking at it in a mirror because it'll only upset me. Feels like a combination of it burning and the skin falling off. Hard to describe, actually. More than just irritating. So much more. Brought me to tears at least three times yesterday morning with the pain of it. So that's another for the Doc this morning.

And yesterday afternoon I was working with my manager. It was a very very wet day here yesterday! The rain brought out all the dickheads on the road! Definately didn't enjoy the drive. Probably fortunate that I was alone in the car because I know my language was, erm, colourful to say the least. Now I don't suffer with road rage, but was confronted with so many people who need to '...get back to fucking driving school', or who I concidered had got their license 'collecting tokens from the back of a pissing cereal box'. It really didn't take much to annoy me. And to the poor unfortunates that I drowned along the way, I'm really really sorry.

When I arrived, his first comment: 'Oh, it's a bit wet out there.'
Biting my tongue (seriously, I had to!) 'Bit wet, its fucking pissing it down.' I snarled. Oops. It's a good job he knows me so very well.
'I'm going to apologise now, I'm in a really foul mood and in a lot of pain...' I then proceeded to explain.

We had a huge argument (heated, professional, adult discussion) over what was happening with one of my projects. 'Ok, I'll trash everything I've done then.' I said. He knew I was serious.
'You don't need to do that.'
'But if it's not going to work, it's not going to work...'
'I just don't want them having to jump through unneccesary hoops.'
'But they already have to with their own work processes. Seriously, they wont mind!'
At one point I half got the notion to pick my laptop up and throw it at him and storm off!

I got my own way in the end. Not sure if he kinda realised that there was no way I was gonna back down, or whether he realised that I was right. Either way, in hindsight, I think I understand now what it's like for people who have to deal with women at 'that time of the month'!

Oh, and I got a phone call from Kyle late last night. He was pissed, and had had an argument with his fella - who'd stormed off to bed. He was going on with himself, it was all me me me! I flipped out at him. Big time. I just couldn't be doing with him. Needless to say, the conversation didn't last too long after my explosion.

Right, time to get moving and get this day started...

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Life With My Boyz

I suppose its time for confession. Life with my boyz is amazing. Completely unpredictable. Totally consuming. Like a roller coaster because you never know which turn is next. Words seriously can't express how happy they make me.

Take this weekend. Bear in mind I was working away Thursday and Friday. Woke up on Friday at 5am to start work in Liverpool at 9am. Didn't touch home until 5pm on Friday. With the driving and the work I was absolutely shattered. But I still needed to see my boys. Liam laughed his arse off last weekend when I told him I always reffered to them as 'my boys'. 'Adrian? A boy?' he laughed, astonished. 'You know what I mean.' I laughed back.

But anyway. Last weekend we'd done the sex thing after being out, and being together, and put Adrian to bed. Liam and I were lay cuddled on the couch with a quilt over us, talking. Well, I was trying to explain something. Liam interrupted. 'I really do wanna fuck you! Sorry to interrupt!' Kinda had me lost for words for a moment, then I continued. For the record, because we're both more bottom with me and Liam it is more oral than anything else sexually. Not that either of us mind that at all.

So we're lying in bed all three of us. 'And Paul appologised to me tonight, for getting me all wrong. 'Cos he only sees me in the cap and the trakies he'd got a certain idea of me. Seems him and his fella got talking about me and they've realised there's a lot more to me. He asked me do I do drugs.' Liam looked at me as if to say 'stupid fucking question.', huge grin on his face. Then Paul offered me some speed. I explained about me working and that I was really pretty knackered. 'Oh, so that's a yes then?!? Come with me honey!' and I ended up doing a line of speed with him!

Adrian really was dog tired. He'd fucked me once and I knew he was ready for sleeping. Liam commented 'so you're not quite ready for sleeping yet...?' We got out of bed, leaving Ade where he was, watched a bit of TV, drank a bit, chatted, smoked, had the kind of heart to heart where we leave nothing hidden... The usual, really, when we get together. Speed does make me horny, I can suck cock forever and a day on speed. I started to flag a bit so we went back to bed.

We're all just getting comfy in each others arms when Liam whispers to me 'D'you fancy sucking Adrian off?' You know me, I don't need a second invitation! One thing leads to another and the sucking soon ends with Adrian pushing me over on to my back, legs wrapped tight around his back and him planted deep inside me. Gasping for air, and completely in heaven, I tell Liam that I want him to cum in my face. Adrian goes over the edge on this. He pulls out and Liam ends up sucking the cock that's just been inside me as I go down on him. The combined attention brings him to orgasm in my mouth and all over my face. Happy, and well fed at both ends, we curl up for sleep again.

But before we settle properly I make a comment about how nice and wet and sloppy my hole feels. We curl up. I feel this rock hard cock lying on my inner thigh. It's Liam's. He pushes it into me. I'm gasping again as he fucks himself hard into me, my arms around the very knackered Adrian! He has to pull out. Think I caught his foreskin earlier so there's a little discomfort there. I'm still seeing stars!!

We drift to sleep all three intertwined. Me thinking, no knowing, I'm the luckiest boy alive because I've got two gorgeous men either side of me. Two guys I think the world of, and who I know feel the same way too.

Can I ask for more? No. Don't need to.

All I ever wanted, all I ever needed is here in my arms...

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The Weekend

So I gets this phone call off Liam about 5pm. Bear in mind we'd already discussed arrangements for later. The conversation starts itself off, then Liam goes 'Now let me see. I've passed on my message...'
'Yes,' I add in.
'...I've told you how much I love you and can't wait to see you later...'
'No.' I chuckle, 'you forgot about that one!'
'Well, I've done that one now! Hehe.'
I laugh, 'yes honey, and I've missed you so much too.'
'And we've sorted out later?'
'Yes, I'm just about to get dressed and head over.'
We end the call still giggling.

Not so long after I get a text asking me can I bring something or other. I reply yes. Then another text asking for something else. 'sure thing babe.' I reply. 'Can I suck your cock?' To which my only answer was 'Anytime!'

Friday, December 01, 2006

World Aids Day

Jeremy said it best in a comment to me recently:

We grow up, we make choices and we learn, so here's to another year and more life, more love and a lot of HOPE.

And tonight I'm going to be where I couldn't be any happier, with my boys.

Thursday, November 30, 2006


Thanks to WaterColourBoy for this. Made me howl.

A Photo

Ok We're doing a nob shot!! And this time it's mine...

my cock and its metalwork

This months jewellery is a 19 x 6mm circular barbell. Got the 15 x 5mm ring on the chain around my neck. November this time last year I was flashing a 17 x 4mm around in Legends. It's two years old later this month as well.

If it decides it wants cake it can go to McDonalds, but if it thinks I'm putting a candle down that piss slit its got another thing coming!

I want to stop at 6mm. I think that's big enough for me. For now at least. Any more wouldn't look right. I just need to get more jewellery at 6mm. But I do love the heavy balls on that barbell! Don't know why, I just do.

Mouth Dislocating Like a Snake

Guess I'm a mini porn star! The clip of me giving Adrian head has been seen 'accidentally' by a few people. All positive and nice comments, along with a few shocked looks.

And I'm not embarassed. I have been asked a few times if I'd wanted to take part in porn. Always declined because I couldn't face the possibility of accidentally seeing myself having sex. It's no secret that I like watching porn, and see numerous porn clips on the internet. But enjoying something and then suddenly watching yourself? Always thought that might be a bit too much for my own head.

Now I did get to see the clip. But because of being reminded the story behind it, me and Liam watched it as a giggle. Even so, even if I say so myself, it looks to me like I'm doing a good job, Adrian's expressions say he's loving every second, and my expression - complete with cock in gob - kinda indicate that I'm gettin off on it too.

There was a comment about when they could see the fuck scene.....

Communication. Yay!!

We're all talking again now!

Met Adrian after work. Well, you if can call it work. Been in a training session all day in a bloody cold room - air conditioned IT suite (AC centrally managed on a fucked up system) - so I wont remember a thing tomorrow.

'Oh, so you're still speaking to me?' he begins.
'Yea. Of course I am.'
'Well you've not rung me.' he comments, noting that I've spoken to Liam.
'Cos I don't have your number. Got Liam's and the house phone but not yours. We need to swap numbers.'
He's grinning because he wants to think he's making me squirm, he knows I'm not though! And his eyes start to dance in the way on his can.
'So why were you so upset on Friday?' he continues.
I explain that I was drunk, the email, getting very emotional.
'Yea I did say some bad things...'

Liam is around. When we're alone I ask Liam if they are 'properly' talking. He confirms that they are. Then for the remainder of the evening we're chatting, flirting, laughing and joking as if nothing had ever happened. It's all done and dusted.

Later on it's just Liam and me. 'So you're still in to us then? Even though we do look as rough as fuck!' he asks.
'Fuck yeah!' I say. 'Rough? I'm the one lookin rough as fuck!'
'I had noticed.' he says with mischief in his eyes, stroking the stubble on my chin.
I explain that my training was due to start at 9.30 and that I didn't wake up until 9am!
'I look so much nicer without this.' I begin, stroking my own chin. 'It really doesn't suit me.'
'I know. Me either!' he says with a wink.

Bah! Wot a Load Of Wank!!

But enjoy anyway!

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Treating Herpes Hits HIV

This caught my eye in a magazine I was reading at clinic:


New study reveals increased risk.


One study from San Francisco found that almost 2 out of 3 HIV positive gay men also have theherpes virus. Herpes never goes once you have got it – it just lurks in your system and occasionally pops its head up to annoy you. When herpes wakes up again, often there are no symptoms.

For over two years we’ve known that gay men with HIV can sometimes have much more HIVvirus in the arse than in the blood or cum.

One study found that gay men who weren’t on HIV treatment could have 25 times as much HIVin the arse as in the blood and even men on HIV treatment had four times as much. Other studies since then have found that it can be as risky to be the active partner in anal sex with someone who has herpes as the passive one – but without herpes it’s the opposite.
Now a new study has found that ‘peaks’ of HIV virus, both in the rectum and in the blood, happen at the same time that herpes virus production peaks too.

While herpes increases HIV production, when HIV positive people are given an anti-herpesdrug, somehow HIV becomes very much less infectious (down by 90%), while people who were onHIV treatment become 75% less infectious when taking herpes treatment as well.

This suggests that treating HIV positive gay men with an antiherpes drug like acyclovir could also help reduce the risk of passing on HIV, as well as help reduce HIV viral load whether or not you are on HIV treatments.

[OUT NorthWest magazine, Issue 63, December 2006 - The Lesbian & Gay Foundation]

Clinic Day

Why is it that even after three years I still hate going to clinic? I know its routine, I have to do it, yada yada yada... But today was bloods day. Usual routine and chit-chat. 'You're here for the full works today!' the nurse said reading my notes and gathering all the equipment we were going to need.

That reminds me actually, haven't put my last set of scores here yet. Tut tut! Now remember, these were from samples taken a week after Pride (and I am actually quite proud of them!) CD4: 420, VL: 81300. Next scores are due in a fortnights time.

All told I was there for an hour. Flu jab first, so if I'm rough over the next few days this is gonna be the cause. Today was the first time I can recall actually taking notice of the syringe for the flu jab - and I got given the patient information leaflet. Fuck is the needle big on it!! And despite my piercings I still brick it with needles. The nurse assures me that the whole needle doesn't have to go it - 'I don't know why they make it so long...' she sighed. Well I felt it go in, it hit the muscle in the top of my left arm. As the fluid was pushed in the sensation could only be described as being hit with a bat. Fortunately only brief uncomfort.

Was good doing the blood samples. Again I cant watch as the line goes in but once its there I'm ok and I saw the vials being filled. I was practically gushing the blood into em. I am stingy with my blood, after all there aint that much of me or it!

Biggest suprise though was my weight. Now remember that I've always been a fly-weight, never anything of me. I've put on 2.5 kilos to make me 52.5kg. Yay, over 8 stone at last!!

Then we got onto the sexual health business. I'm never embarassed about my sex life, or talking about it. Confused the poor girl completely trying to explain that my 'regular partner' had changed again, back with ex's and that there were two of them! Actually, we had a giggle about it because she couldn't work out the best way to put it down in my notes. I'm normally ok with the chat stuff until we get on to 'and how many sexual partners have you had in the previous three months?' It's not that I get shy, I just genuinely forget the count. I know I once said 15 to a doctor, he spluttered and looked at me aghast. I shrugged and commented that I just have a very healthy sexual appetite! Then I remembered that I'd been to McDonalds not long before hand so we have an average score of between 7 and 9 in one night! Oops. I thought long and hard before answering. 'Three', I said, knowing I was wrong - one day I'll forget, or take a list with me, then it could get interesting - because three only accounts for Jeff, Liam and Adrian. Not Mart or a handful of insignificant others. Though I will admit to not being as active while with Jeff.

We hate the pokey thing down the piss-slit thing. Perched on the edge of the couch, trakies round me knees, my shrunken nob looked like it wanted to keep its lips tight against the metal through the end. 'Em, this could be difficult.' I commented finding that I was gripping the ring inside that tightly I couldn't twist it round. Eventually got a little bit of an opening, and she gingerly slid the stick thing in, I could feel as it got past the flesh-encased metal and she was able to get a sample.

At the end she handed me the pot to piss in. And I'm thinking that there's no way I'm gonna be able to do a thing! The toilet was occupied as I left the consulting room so I had to wait. When I got in there, I sat down, opened the pot, looked at it and my nob thinking that this could take a long time. Dick goes in opening and what do you know? I start to pee. I'm sure they put something on those sticks to make it happen!

I've still got that rash around my face - got a new outbreak on the right-hand side of my jaw - so I wanted to see a doctor about it. They found me one and they're still unsure about what it is! So we're monitoring it until I go back in a fortnight.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Ok, So How Did I Get Here...?

Sunday night. Liam had gone home. I'd done another spliff, and was laid out naked watching the Madonna concert on TV. Amazing! Really getting into it when I heard a rattle at the door. At first I thought Liam had come back. Then I realised that keys were in the door, and the front door was opening. The only person it could be was Mart.

'Hang on.' I shouted.
A very very drunk voice (that was Mart's) called back an OK. I was looking around for something to put on. Now I know Mart's seen me naked before and he knows I'm comfortable with him seeing me naked. Still felt the urge to put something on though.

I found a pair of shorts and put them on. They were kinda tight and dont leave much to the imagination even though they are black! I called that he could come in.

'You wanking?' he enquired.
Yes, I was horny, but answered honestly that I hadn't. That was for later before bed!

I worked out that Mart was more than just a bit drunk. He was very very twatted drunk. 'You know I love you.' he kept saying, 'No, I really do love you!'. Then he'd lean forward and kiss me. A full and propper kiss.

He took his top off, leaned over to me again and began to snog me. His hand started to wander. The bone I was growing in my tight shorts began to get uncomfortable. When we broke apart, giggling I told him he was naughty, then had to put my hand down my shorts to re-arrange myself. Now it was very obvious that I was hard and horny. He put his hand on top of the package and gave it a squeeze.

I knew where this was going to be heading. Mart, out of his tree, horny, he was going to get sex and I didn't have much of a choice in the matter. I thought long and hard about what I was to do next. Do I go through with this or try and stop it now? I was still stoned from earlier and I was horny. I decided not to resist. I handed Mart a cigarette, but he was more intent on snogging me and holding me than smoking. In the end I took the cigarette off him before we had an accident.

Mart was turning me on big time and my shorts were getting uncomfortable. 'Take em off.' he said, so I did! Next thing I know, his head is in my lap and he's sucking my cock. That felt so good. He lifted his head up and grinned at me. 'You can do that again!' I said, still breathless. 'I know I can!' he replied very cockily.

He moved round so he was kneeling on the floor between my legs, put his arms around my neck so he could pull me forward. I began to unbutton the fly on his jeans. I started to pull them down, stroking his back and arse as I did. He was thrusting forward and I could feel his bulge pushing between my butt cheeks. Yes, I wanted a good fucking. I moved my hand round the front, still in his jeans, and grasped his cock as he was thrusting. I wanted this, and I knew at that moment in time that he wanted it too. I just had to be sure that he was going to be ok afterwards with it.

With his jeans round his knees, still embraced, snogging, him rubbing his crotch around my arse area. I was torn, because I wanted fucking, I needed to get fucked, but I also wanted to play some more. I think Mart sensed this. 'Condoms' he said, 'we're gonna need condoms.' I agreed. Even though in the heat of the moment he could have shafted me right there right then with no protection I would have regretted it later. Really regretted it.

We took a short break. He went to the loo. I went to the other side of the room to pick up a packet of condoms and lube. I sat back on the couch, and when he came and sat next to me my cock was hard, throbbing, the circular barbell at the end giving it a fierce expression. I gave it a slight stroke and shuddered with the feeling. It was still slimy from his bj and it felt nice. 'Get your head down and suck my dick again.' I commanded. He did!

He moves me so he's sat up and pulls me so I'm sat on top of him. His cock is rubbing again at my arse. 'You're not wanting to fuck right now are you?' I asked. 'No.' he responded, confusion on his face. 'Good' I cooed and slid down his body, kissing his chest as I went. I ended up on the floor and started to suck his cock. He started to breath heavily, then started to moan while I gently stroked his meat and sucked on his ball sac.

He slides onto the floor and next we have my arse in his face. He knows I like to have my arse eaten out, and I know he enjoys it. And he's good at it! I try sucking his cock again, but the position I'm in doesn't make this possible without bending his dick in an uncomfortable way. SO I start to nuzzle the bit between his balls and hole. So he's pulling my cheeks apart and trying to get his tongue as far in as possible. I'm in heaven. Then he pushes me down.

'Sit on that dick, bitch. I'm gonna fuck you so hard!' That was the point of no return. Him being forceful like that, well, it turned me on so much that I sure weren't gonna refuse an offer like that. I put a condom on him, cover it with lube. I can tell he likes the feeling as I stroke the lube into the condom. There's a huge grin on his face that I return.

Without warning I get up and position myself over his cock. Guide it to my hole and swallow it in one motion. We both gasp with pleasure. Slowly I start to ride him, the balls on the barbell bouncing on his stomach as I bottom out. I pick up the pace, lean forward and we start to snog again. I'm leaning forward a bit now so he takes control and starts banging into me from underneath. My hand goes to my cock and I start to wank myself. He can tell I'm really turned on. He's giving me short strokes, long strokes, filling me with everything hes got. He pulls my hand away from my cock at one point, 'you're not cumin yet, you're gonna shoot it in my face!' If he hadn't taken my hand away then I would have shot my load in his face right then!

We change position, me on all fours leaning on the edge of the couch and he takes me from behind. He fucks me roughly, and I'm loving it. I'm pushed forward as he fucks harder and harder. Lots and lots of dirty talk that I know I don't know where it comes from, but its working so well for me at this moment in time. I'm trying to use my legs to push him even deeper into me. We're wet and breathless. Moaning, grunting. This is wonderful.

It ends with him lying on his back. I've kissed my way down his chest, nibbled at his nips and found my way to his crotch. As he wanks I'm flicking then end of his nob with my tongue. He knows I want to taste his spunk. I move myself round so I'm between his legs. Still flicking, licking at whatever flesh comes near my mouth. I slap his balls with my tongue and I know he's close. I close my lips over his cock head and get the first spurt of his juices. He starts to thrash around on the floor as I suck the rest up and out of his shaft. Half gets swallowed, some I smear around his dick with my tongue. I slide up his body, his slimy cock head in contact with me all the way and we kiss. He grins, then I remember what's all round and in my mouth. I giggle, swallow and lick my lips.

The following morning he's confused to find himself alseep on my couch in just his socks with a towel over him. 'How did I get here last night?' he asked.
'I don't know, love, you just arrived. You were a bit wasted!'
'Don't think I walked cos that would have sobered me up. And I cant remember getting a taxi...'

He knows we went with each other. No embarassment. There never has been any embarassment. It's been a long time since we last did anything with each other. The sexual side of our relationship is something special, we both still do each other because we enjoy it. I've still to make my mind up whether I tell Liam and Adrian. I probably will eventually. They know the history, they know what I'm like! They know they're my world.