Sunday, October 31, 2004

Happy Halloween

Just a couple of pictures to brighten your halloween.

A scarecrow and his sex toys

He he! Wanna stop and feel me melons? Oops! Wrong fruit.

Getting pumch drunk will make you barf!!

Drinking and Flying: not a good combination

Monday, October 18, 2004

How Rude!!!

This picture landed in my email inbox at work this afternoon. Sent to me by my dearly detested ex-boyfriend (only kidding, we're still speaking) under the title If Lord of the Rings were filmed in Bolton...........
Lord of the Rings goes Scally!!

Claims he saw it and thought of me. Cheeky bugger!

Actually, I kinda like it even though it looks absolutely nothing at all like me! For one, I'm taller and broader, and my faviorite chain at the moment is much thicker than that. Ha!

Sunday, October 17, 2004

Sunday Lunch @ McDonalds

Well that was nice. Just got back now. Feel very full, very relaxed, knackered but still very horny. Was a bit like a three-course meal really.

Man In A Room. A healthy piece of well formed MAN. Not a fossil, not a dinosaur, not a chicken, but a MAN. Short dark hair, nice shaped body - not too fat or thin - with not too much hair. Not enough to share, but you'll want to keep the door open with this one! Served with a guest with a large cock-head (sorry that my teeth scraped it going in an out!)

Fucked In A Corner. Tall slim smooth lad (probably a littler older than me). Simmer and suck for a short time making sure that arse, balls and nipples get plenty of attention. Rub cock between thighs and balls from behind for extra sizzle, then back him into the corner and sit on it. Ride for a good long while and enjoy. Optionally served with a generous portion of dark-haired chicken type*. Effects of previous nights drugs optional. He he he!

Frigging By The Sling. A classic. Two others with nice firm bodies, willing mouths and rock hard cocks. Take turns in caressing, sucking and fondling. Was tempted to jump into the sling, but never made it. Had just seen a well horny sesh going in there as well!

Well, it whiled away a Sunday afternoon.

* I've seen the dark-haired chicken-type before. Not sure where and not sure if we've spoken. Certainly can't put a name to the erm, face, body or cock! He's very cute, first clocked him in the toilets. Our eyes met and I thought I recognised him. Then he comes into the dark room, spots me, and comes closer. I wanted some of his sauce for my main course, but sadly this was not meant to be. Another time, maybe. As Mart might say, he could well be my next victim. Certainly Michael would like him.

My First Weekend Alone

Half way through my first weekend at home, alone, since starting going out with Michael. Not been bored, got some of my overdue housework done and my kitchen is starting to be a nice place to be. Just need to learn how to use it! I'm not very domesticated, but I'm starting to get there.

My reward for being a good boy? A couple of hours at McDonalds. Think I deserve it. Not been fucked in over a week and gagging for it. So I got an hour to prepare and pamper myself: bath, shave (both ends), eat, etc.

Two Things I Hate About Gaydar

For no specific reason I've been logged into Gaydar a fair amount this last week. Not that I've used it, I never really do. But I then remembered things that I hated about gaydar:

1. Picture ratings
Gaydar ask that you self-rate your pictures (both main and secondary) as to their content:
red ball for explicit sexual content
yellow ball for some nudity, and
blue ball for no sexual content.

Quite a simple code, but it annoys me that some profiles are rated as red when all they have is a picture of their cat!

2. Empty profiles
I can do profiles without pictures. Got no problem with that, though I do like to see things (my mental and visual processes are interlinked). But I just don't see the point of not filling in the About and Looking Forsections. Or at worst, one word answers in each. Mind reader I'm not when it comes to the internet. A picture tells a thousand words, they say, but on gaydar you need those thousand words if there ain't a picture. Am I right?

Thursday, October 14, 2004

And Todays Lesson...

...Hair Removal Cream and Your Balls

Ouch!! Not a good combination. 8 minutes it said on the can. The first three were fine. It was tingling by 5 minutes. At 8 I was dying to get the shit off me.

Oh yes, I got hairless balls where the cream had been. Along with some nice scorch marks.

Don't think I'll be doing that again!

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Birthday Season

October has always been a month for birthdays in my family. In my biological family I have an uncle and aunt with a birthday either side of mine (and can never remember which one is which side!) Pete's birthday was close to mine, boyf's is the same day. And now in my dysfunctional family Johnny's birthday is the 12th, Michael's is the 23rd and mine is the 26th.

I've just been trying to figure out what I'm getting for Michael. We've been talking about cars recently - him and his brother are right petrol-heads - the cars he's had/driven/written off (oops!), and the car he'd really like to own. Now I can't afford to buy him a real BMW X5, much as I'd like to, but I came across a remote controlled model that I think he'll adore - he is a big kid at heart. So I sends him a text message:

He he he. Think I've got your birthday present sorted. He he he. It's not pink, it could be fluffy, but it is round. It's not huge, but it's big enough to make your Mom scream and should give you hours of pleasure!

The pink, fluffy, round bit is what he says when he's giving clues to a surprise or present he's getting for someone. Just thought I'd get my own back on that one!