Monday, May 30, 2005

The Drought Is Over

Yes, boi got his oats tonight. At long fucking last. And boy was it worth the wait.

The fucker? A very nice chap from Gaydar. Yea, I know, I remember what I've said about Gaydar in the past...

Well. He arrived, and we chatted for a bit. Then I took him upstairs and we stripped. Got him in my mouth, little by little, and it was nice. Starting out gently with long slow strokes. Then I really start going for it. Lots of nice moaning up above me and I was really getting into doing my thing. At one point I nearly stopped to say 'just let me know when you get bored of me doing this!' but I didn't. It was a cock I could have eaten for days. Not too fat, not too long. Just the right size for a nice cock-sucking session.

I was just about to go for the balls when he held my head and went 'I wanna fuck you. And I wanna fuck you NOW!!' Ooohh. So I get off and he rubbers up. I finger lube into myself and then grease up the rubber. Instead of sitting on him from a kneeling position - where I can grind away, tee hee hee - I lower myself down balanced on the balls of my feet. SHLUUUURRRRRPP. All the way in in one motion. I'm surprised 'cos he aint a little boy down there! And then I start to bounce. He hee. We like this. Then I grind. Listening to his moaning and I'm thinking he's gonna cum. Oh no!!

We change position 'cos he wants to be in control. So I swing myself round trying to keep this wonderful piece of meat inside me. For the first time ever, I manage it. Yay me!! We try with him bucking up into me, but its not working for either of us. Slight re-arrangement of position and he's banging away doggy-stylee. Ahhhhh. So much better. And still we kept his cock embedded in my ass. My language was atrocious. Don't know where half of 'the encouragement' was coming from. But it was certainly working for both of us. 'Show me you own my cunt', 'Tear me apart' just don't have the same ring to them after the fact, strangely.

And all too soon came cum-time. So I got a load on my second-favourite location. A very healthy one too, but he did say that he'd not cum in over a week. Well I sure don't mind assisting him next time he wants to blow his load. Had a quick taste of it too. Yum yum. He he. Naughty boi.

So I'm sat here writing this now and my arse is still vibrating. Either that or its working out how to talk to me. I already know, as does he now, that it knows how to belch!! What's that joke about Essex girls and refrigerators....?

An End To Warty-Face-Thing...

The nasty growths on my face are nearly all gone. In fact, there's only one growth left now. It's a bit vile, and in someways is more conspicuous now than it was when there was a lot of them. But still, by this time next week (if not much sooner the way its looking) it will be no more. Can I hear a halellulia?

So, I'm imortalising the last remaining 'thing' - I really have only just noticed that there's only one left - in picture:

the nasty jawline
my nasty jawline

looking at nastiness under my chin
nastiness from underneath

close-up of facial nastiness
close-up of 'it'

If you look to the left of the growth on the last picture you can just make out what is left of the previous growths after the meds did their job. It's still a little rough there, but is much better than a week ago.

Remember how your parents always told you that if you keep playing with it, it'll drop off? Well I can't with this, 'cos it hurts. A lot. So what, I'm a nancy, I'm allergic to pain. I'll get a doctors certificate to prove it...

Saturday, May 28, 2005

An End To The Drought?

Bit pissed off about last night. I was supposed to be having a very nice 25 year-old coming to spend the night with me last night. He's a slave boy and very kinky by the sounds of it. I'm not going to reveal what he says he wants to do to me here. Well, not until we've done it anyway. But it should put a smile on my face (amongst other parts of my body) for the next few months.

Reason for pissed-off-ness: family thing back home. Fair enough.

So he's coming over on Sunday. Yay!!!

Christ I'm so horny I could swallow a traffic cone.


Now here's something I've been meaning to write about for a while. Is there a connection between genital piercing and sexual kink?

I'm admitting here, from the off, that I don't have an answer either way. And I can't make up my mind. I'm using the term 'kink' simply 'cos I've learned that I don't understand 'fetish'.

Lets look at a couple of things:
I could go on, but I'll leave it at that for the moment.

Then this morning I come across a pair of these:
rubber shorts with front and rear sheath
and am really tempted to get a pair. However, I think I'm gonna have to make do with
front sheath rubber pants
from CloneZone. The difference being that there's nothing at the back.

Thoughts, comments, orgy invitations in a condomon a postcard to the usual malebox.

Monday, May 23, 2005

Sex. Oh Yeah. Wassat Again?

Seems like so long ago that I last had some nice bumsex that I'm sure I'm healing up. And I'm so horny at the moment. I walk past telepgraph poles and get shudders down my spine. Got on the bus home from Marts a few days back and missed the cutest bus driver I think I've ever seen. Only spotted him when he got off the bus to change drivers. Moist loins? I was dripping!!

This is not to say that I've been completely inactive. No. The last thing to assess my mailbox was Ant's finger. Mart was pimping me out for some weed. I didn't mind I was hyper-horny. Though was seriously pissed off (with Ant) when the only thing he delivered (apart from the weed) was his finger. Grrr. Started out well enough. He gets me out of my clothes and I start eating his cock. I'm just really getting into it when he pulls me off. Ok, I know where this is headed. I'm on my knees with my arse in the air. He begins to dine (think about it). Then we get to the fingering. Bottle of poppers up my nose and I'm loving it. Two fingers and I'm growling away like a tiger. Then we try the cock. Knock Knock. I open the door. But little Jonny doesn't want to play. No problems, I think. Now I know that lying infront of him while he fingers me from behind really turns him on. So we lie on the floor and try that. Still na da.

Then he has the cheek. The barearsed cheek to say that it's 'cos I'm too tight. He asks me when I was last fucked. I lie, and say the Thursday, when it was really the previous Sunday by 7 cocks at Mcdonalds. I mean, just because I can be greedy (erm ok, slutty) every now and then doesn't mean I have to admit it to him?

And since then it's been blow jobs all round. Oh, and I appear to have acquired a taste (if you'll excuse the expression) for rimming. Well, it seems like another thing that they say I do pretty well at. Hmm, interesting. I like having it done myself, and fair enough, I was brought up with 'do to others as you'd like to be done by', so I guess what comes around goes around. But you can give me a nice juicy cock anyday.

Tee hee hee. That rimeminds me, someone asked me what I really fancied doing, sexually, over the next twelve months. What would I like to be able to say I've done. Well apart from the orgy thing, cos that's pretty obvious I was only able to come up with two ideas. Connection: they both involve cock.

The first is to learn how to deep-throat (without throwing up over the other guys crotch). I did manage it one night cruising with this enormous thing - it really was thick and long. Guess I was pissed, horny, and greed succeeded for once. But its only ever happened that once.

And the other is to share a cock with someone else. I've had it done to me and I love it, and I did it once to someone with Scott and we all enjoyed it. I know it sounds like a small thing but there's something about even just thinking about it. Don't ask me what it is. So someone might get a nice Christmas prezzie if I ain't done it by the time I start thinking New Year's resolutions...

Somethin's Missin'

Woke up this morning having lost something during the night. It wasn't control of my bladder - though based on Friday night I'm surprised. One of the big clumps of wartiness on my face, well, it dropped off during the night. So it looks like finally the Aldara is working. Taken bloody long enough.

Oh, just think. In the not too far distant future I'll be able to shave properly.

I'll be able to moisturise.

I'll look... well... beautiful again!!

well I can dream, can't I?

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

A Grudge With Glue Sniffing

Glue Sniffer: Someone who rubs their face in cum from another body (courtesy of Mart)

Grudge Fuck: A fuck to get back at another person. I know there are other definitions here, including: to fuck someone painfully hard because you have a grudge (or are very angry) with them.

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Online Shopping

I've re-discovered eBay. And it's scary. Not eBay itself, but just how easy it is to spend loads and loads of money on things you really don't want. I like the concept behind eBay and it's so simple to use. To me the only thing that's missing is the setting that says: 'Ok, you've spent enough now'.

Browsing the catalog starts off interesting. But sometimes I know I'm gettin bored, normally means I can't find what I'm looking for, that's if I can remember what I was looking for.

But it's not only compulsive, I'm finding it's bringing a competitive side to my nature out. Yesterday I bought a pair of shorts that I'd been 'watching' for a few days (don't worry, there will be pictures). Put a single stupid bid in before I left for work knowing that I wouldn't find out whether I'd got them until late afternoon. Straight in from work in the afternoon and I'm checking whether I won the auction. Crazy. Well, they are pretty sexy, just have to hope that they fit ok. And then tonight I'm full of elation because I buy a pair of trainers swooping in with four minutes to the close of the auction to outbid the one and only bid on the item, then checking every 30 seconds to make sure I've still got them [you're not gettin' away without a fight you bitch!!]

Am I taking this too seriously? Ok, so maybe it's time to break out a previous ebay bargain (£13!!):

Friday, May 13, 2005

Whoa!! Rewind a Sec...

I've not mentioned my online friend in a while and the plot continues to thicken there. For one reason and another we've not spoken to each other since not long after the mugging thing. When he's been online I've been busy and when I've been online he hasn't.

He rang me twice last night on my mobile. I was busy at the time (kindly fill in your own reason here... you'll probably be right) and so didn't get the call. Noticed a strange, as in not known, number had rung twice when I checked my phone later on. It was a London number and I was wracking my brain as to who it could possibly be. I know, someone with more fore-thought would have probably rung it back to see. But I didn't think of that at the time.

Then he rings tonight:
'Hello?' I answer,
'Hi' he goes,
'It's Jay, from London.'
'Oh, hi there.' I say, feigning recollection of who it was.
'How you doing? Not seen you online in ages.'
'Oh, I'm doing ok. Just been busy.' And I still haven't got a clue who you are!!

Then all of a sudden, the penny drops. You know how on MSN Messenger 7, when it tells you that someone has logged in theres sometimes a delay before it shows you a picture of who they are? It was a bit like that.

'Ohmigod!! I've just realised who you are!!'
He starts laughing
'Oh, I'm sorry hon. You doing alright...?' and so the conversation continued.

So now he knows for certain what a dizzy fucker I can be. Ended up talking to him for about 20 minutes on the phone. Then we spoke to each other for an hour online. It was only supposed to be for a few minutes as he was due to be going somewhere. Guess I put paid to that.

Funny thing is that I've been thinking about him over the past few days and thinking that I must get in contact with him. I even checked today a couple of times to see whether he was logged into Messenger. And then he rings and it was so good to hear his voice. He gave me some advice a while back that I took and it really paid off for me. He asked about it tonight and I told him it was working. Working very well, actually, so I said I'd have to treat him when we do finally meet. He started to giggle, and he's got such an infectious giggle. And I know he's thinking of the I-wanna-jump-on-your-bones kind of treat which he's gonna get anyway (who called me a slut?!?), but I want to do something else as well Don't know what yet but I'll think of something.

I've already got an epitaph from him. Not done in any morbid kind of way, just related to something we were talking about at the time:

Here lies Homie, gay, but dead.
Got paid well for giving good head.
As he lies beneath this grass,
Bet your life he's still takin' it up the ass.

Later on I told him I'd missed him, and he said not only that he'd missed me too, but also that he loved me. It didn't sink in at the time, only just dawned on me now. And I know I'm not reading into it. He flirts with me like crazy, and I love it. And he'll tell me off, or jokingly call me something, and I'll respond '...yea, but you know thats why you love me.' I've made no secrets about me having a very big soft spot for him.

I'll admit that I want him. Not just in a sexual way. But in a 'boyfriend'-y kind of way. You know, a bit like the best friend that you shag, that fills out your life, that something 'serious' could've happened once but you're both way beyond that point now.

I like this feeling. I like it a lot. And I don't know where this is headed, and frankly, I don't care. Because I know it's only going to get better as time goes on.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

More Definitions

Pity Poke: A shag, given or received, when one party feels sorry for the other or performed to satisfy one partys desperation!

Toby Jug Fuck: diametrically opposite to Trophy Fuck.

Monday, May 09, 2005

'Cactus Time'

Cactus Time: The time when you're being fucked, after you've cum, when the other guys cock feels like it's grown spikes - like a cactus. Not exactly painful, but not exactly pleasant. Has also been described as 'Porcupine Time'


Life happens in circles. I've known that for a very long time. When they say that what goes around comes around you never believe it at the time, then suddenly something will come back and kick you in the ass.

I've already had Mart's fella try chatting me up over D-Day. But this weekend something else happened that came like a bolt from the blue.

Went to see Mart on Friday night (Chris was there). We got completely and utterly cunted. It was brilliant. Also gave us chance to play with the new camera and we got some very nice pictures including a very good one of Mart's arse (and because of the digital zoom the detail is amazing!!). I might share that one, dunno yet.

Later on on the Friday Mart rang Kyle. A stranger answered. Mart was furious, Kyle was supposed to be in work not getting pissed and shagging. It was funny to watch Mart shouting at Kyle, though Kyle said later that he was shit scared of Mart. Anyway, we get to meet Kyle's new squeeze when they came over on Saturday night. My reason for still being there: Mart had put me on curfew: not allowed out after dark, or allowed to be on my own, no misbehaving, and no talking to strange people (that one never works, somehow).

Kyle's new fella, Jeff, very nice guy from Cardiff moved to Manchester late last year. Then on the Sunday morning something dawned on me. I'd met him before. Shit!! Mardi Gras!!! He'd tried chatting me and Chrissy up in Bar Risa on the Sunday.

I told Kyle about it this morning on the phone. He's cool about it. After all, nothing happened between us. But then he doesn't know about all of it, only the edited highlights. I don't think Jeff remembers, though I was stretching whilst topless on the Sunday morning and he took a very keen interest in me by the looks. I can't help being so hot at the moment!